Katherine Ross


Hand Addressing: Lettering + Printed

Hand Addressing: Lettering + Printed


Custom hand-lettered names, clearly printed addresses. It's the best of both worlds and a sure way to impress your friends! You will need to send us a spreadsheet in Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets format with the following fields as columns: Name, Street Address, Apartment, City, State, Postal Code, Country (if applicable). 

Please specify to us in your email to scriptmercantile@gmail.com your order number, your chosen ink color (any of the ink colors plus gold & copper), your lettering choice (1 through 6) and your typeface (serif or sans serif). 

See the pdfs below for the full lettering options and typeface options.

Note: These are only available with the accompanying purchase of custom Invitation Suites or Save the Dates. 

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