Katherine Ross


Script Merchant is Katherine Ross, and this is my Mercantile. My mission is to bring unique handlettered & illustrated designs to your paper and your screen. 

I am a native of Birmingham, Alabama living in Crestwood North with my fiancé, Josh, and our favorite creatures, Neville Longbottom, Baloo, and Abbey the Tabby.

I spent four amazing years at The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, where I received a BA in Anthropology in 2008. Never one to sit still, I spent the next two years falling in love with London, England as I attended the London School of Dramatic Art. 

Back in Birmingham in 2010, I sought an outlet for my artistic endeavors that afforded me flexibility and a feeling of purpose. Calligraphy is a way to unite tradition and ingenuity, using nib and ink to create fresh, modern details for weddings, websites, and print. 

When I'm not busy spilling ink and hoarding paper, you can find me obsessing over sour beers & pinot noir and attempting to love fitness.